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Weddings on a Budget…yes you can!


Hitting your wedding budget and not the bank!

Weddings can vary significantly in size, wants AND budgets!  How can you pull off the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank?  Here’s some tips from past experience:

  1. Use the complimentary items the venue offers.  We offer many items such as centerpieces, card box, table numbers, linens, napkins and more!  Using these items or enhancing them with your own decorative touches can save you money.
  2. Book on a Friday, Sunday or the off-season when venues offer special incentives or deals.  Our venue offers great perks as do most.  Off-season for us is November 1st through April 30th.  You can expect lower food minimums, waiving or reduction of set up fees, better guest room rates to name just a few perks of booking on these dates.  Enjoy the dream look and feel without spending peak season rates.
  3. Venue planning assistance.  Some venues offer planning assistance or coordinators.  They can help guide you throughout the planning process and with set up to avoid hiring an additional planner to do so.  Save not only on money but also stress!
  4. Prioritize your budget.  What matters to you most:  Great food, beverage, entertainment, decorations?  Make sure you prioritize what you want to spend the most money on and how much for each.  Then start shopping around for the right fit.  Most venues, including us, have a list of preferred vendors that fit various different budgets.  Utilize them as a resource.
  5. Time is money!  We’ve heard this time and again.  Save on travel expenses by hosting the ceremony and reception in one location.  How much extra money do you spend hiring vendors for extra hours by travelling from one area to the next.  Some venues, including ours have scenic grounds for pictures too! Guest accommodations at a discounted rate are important.  We offer a complimentary stay for the couple!

Remember what matters most.  The two of you!  Regardless of how much you spend, a wedding day is above all a reflection of love and sharing it with family and friends.  Find a venue and vendors that can create it for your most special day.