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Place cards how to…the simpler way.


Place cards!  You’d think they should be easy to do.  Not always.  I’ve seen many challenges with place card creation.  Especially when you are assigning tables.  So here’s some ‘insider’ information to help get you through…the simpler way.

  1. First, place cards are not needed if you aren’t having plated entrees. Ask yourself if you should be doing place cards?  Do you want to assign tables or not?  If you do but don’t want to make place cards then consider other alternatives such as table assignment boards.  This is less work and more compact than doing lots of place cards.  If you don’t want to do place cards for each guest but want them to be able to save their seat, consider make-your-own place cards.  Guests simply fill out their names on blank cards and place the card at their table spot.
  2. If you’ve decided you either love assigning tables or need to in order to keep loved ones together, then move on to the next step. (c;
  3. Make sure you have enough time to create the place cards.  In other words, set your RSVP date far enough out from your wedding date to finalize the card information prior to printing.  In other words if you are assigning tables you will need to get a layout from your venue to see what table you want your guests to go at.  Check with your venue coordinator on when final meals are due and the place card vendor as well.
  4. In the meantime as RSVP’s come in, start grouping your guests per table.  Don’t assign a table number until you have all your guest RSVP’s in, then let coordinator know total guests or tables needed.  Some venues may allow you to dictate the numbers on the tables, I typically prefer to do the layout and send to the client to ensure tables will fit accordingly.
  5. Once tables are verified, assign the table number desired to each group of guests.  If you are having plated entrees, make sure to do either a symbol(picture of chicken), word(chicken) or letter(C) identifying the entree type the guest has chosen.  I recommend avoiding colors just in case staff at the venue are color blind.  (We actually have a server that is.)
  6. After you’ve received or completed your place cards, organize them in alphabetical order.  It is the easiest way to ensure guests find them.  Shown in picture above.
  7. Lastly, if you are doing tent-style place cards, make sure you fold them prior to your wedding day.  If you don’t they may not display nicely.  Adding a small decorative touch such as a photo or floral arrangement also breaks up the monotonous look of lines of cards.  The blog picture says it all.

So help yourself and help your guests enjoy your wedding day.  Keep it simple.