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How to plan a wedding during a pandemic


Planning a wedding is stressful enough as it is and now we have to plan one during a pandemic?  2020 is a year we will remember for many reasons and having a wedding during this difficult time has led to planning challenges both planners and couples never envisioned.

I for one have learned a lot and especially taken the gift of sharing a couple’s special day more seriously than ever.  Believe it or not even during times of uncertainty, there certainly are things that can be done to ease the stress and accommodate planning challenges.

  1. Be flexible. Your day may not look exactly like you had envisioned, but no wedding ever is…not even during non-pandemic times.  The day is and always will be about sharing the love between the two of you.  Your wedding is the first day of many wonderful memories you will be creating together.
  2. Communicate digitally to your guests. Wedding websites, Facebook events, email lists…use them all!  They are free and a quicker way than mail for communicating to your guests.
  3. Be proactive. Don’t wait for your guests to ask you, communicate in advance of your wedding the safety and cleaning standards they can expect on your day.
  4. Work together. Collaborate with your wedding planner.  Explain your concerns and allow them to suggest ways to accommodate you and your guests.  Great examples such as staff wearing masks, cleaning protocols of rooms, outdoor social or seating options, etc.  This pandemic has led to venues getting more creative than ever to help you host your special day in a safer way.

While there is no way to eliminate or magically vanish the pandemic, you can still have an amazing wedding day and limit your stress as well.  Nothing makes a team more happy than a happily married couple.  Allow us to help you have a beautiful and safe wedding day.